by Sharon Drummond

Whether stars of the Disney film National Treasure or pawns of modern day political and commercial propaganda, the Knights Templar have taken root as one of the world’s leading mystery groups. But what is the truth? Did they really have a great secret? Did they really hide treasure? Were they really guardians of the Holy Bloodline? Let’s take a look.

Originally supposedly a group of nine knights (debatable), taken from the ruling nobility in the region of France known as Champagne who collected themselves together in Jerusalem around 1118 AD and formed the now infamous Knights Templar. All of this cannot be totally proven from the texts – however it is repeated so often that it becomes true. In all likelihood they had been formed in France years before.

They were pledged, it is said, to commit their lives and work to a strict code of rules and on the face of it were simply ordained to ensure the safe passage of pilgrims to the Holy Land. The knights request this task of the first King Baldwin of Jerusalem, who refuses. He then dies supposedly under mysterious circumstances only to be replaced by Baldwin II who then almost immediately grants them this privilege. For the next nine (there’s that number again) years the knights excavate beneath the Temple of Solomon (which didn’t ever exist) in complete secrecy and the Grand Master returns to Europe, supposedly with secrets that have been hidden for hundreds of years. Very quickly the knights achieve a special dispensation from the Pope to allow them to charge interest on loans – indicating their swift path to wealth. Soon the great Cathedral building period arrives across Europe with the new found architectural “secrets” discovered by the crusaders. This new found knowledge may very well have come from some of the discoveries made by the Templars, especially when we consider that the man responsible for energizing the building program was none other than St. Bernard – the same Bernard who gave the Order of the Knights Templar their rules and who was related by blood to various members. The same St. Bernard indicated in the propaganda of the Arthurian and Grail literature.

The Templars grew in wealth and power. Their land holding and banking system made them one of the most powerful and feared groups in Europe. Virtually nobody could match their international strength. According to George F. Tull in Traces of the Templars they were also “well placed to obtain relics” as they held the respect of nobility and had many strategically placed premises across the Holy Land.

Near Loughton-on-Sea in England there are several Templar connected sites. The Temple here was “well provided with liturgical books, plate and vessels of silver, silver gilt, ivory and crystal, vestments, frontals and altar cloths. Among the relics kept there were two crosses containing fragments of the True Cross and a relic of the Holy Blood” whatever that might have been – it was not a bloodline. Tull also tells us of how some of these relics entered Britain, “Sometimes the ships returned with more specialized cargo, as when in 1247 Br. William de Sonnac, Master of the Temple in Jerusalem, sent a distinguished Knight Templar to bring to England and present to King Henry III ‘a portion of the Blood of our Lord, which He shed on the Cross for the salvation of the world, enclosed in a handsome crystalline vessel.’ The relic was authenticated under seal by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the bishops, abbots and nobles of the Holy Land.” In Surrey the Templars held land known then as Temple Elfold with 192 acres of arable land. Here again in 1308 there was mention of a grail and a chalice. It is therefore obvious that part of the wealth of the Templars came from the propaganda tools of the medieval reliquary business, proving their astute business acumen and their ability to root out those tools. They were also incidental in spreading the cult of St. George, especially when we consider that they knew of his shrine in Lydda.

But in the early fourteenth century King Philip of France organized their downfall and the supposed secrets and wealth of the Templars disappears.

At their trials the Templars were not only accused of worshipping the sacred head, but also the veneration of the serpent. As Andrew Sinclair points out in The Secret Scroll, another Templar emblem was the foliated staff of Moses, the very same staff, which turned into a serpent and was itself emblematic of the serpent religious cult and healing.

The Rosslyn Missal, written by Irish monks in the twelfth century shows in itself Templar crosses with great dragons and sun discs. Upon the Secret Scroll itself is the symbol of the twelve tribes of Israel, the breastplate of Aaron (who’s serpent staff is said to be in the Ark) with twelve squares signifying the twelve tribes surmounted by a serpent. The serpent, ruling the tribes, “. . . the Serpent as a symbol obtained a prominent place in all the ancient initiations and religions. Among the Egyptians, it was s symbol of Divine Wisdom.” (The Secret Scroll, Andrew Sinclair, which of course has been dated by scholars to the 16th or even 18th century.) Many people believe that quite a few of the Templars and their secrets escaped to Scotland and the dawning of a new age of Freemasonry emerged in later years – thought to be directly from the Templars.

In the year 1314 King Edward of England invades Scotland, hoping to bring an end to the border battles. Meeting the Scottish army at Bannock Burn he is surprised by a force of well-trained men fighting for the Scots. The tide is turned and Scotland achieves independence, even if only for three years. The standard history has it that these well-trained men that turned the tide against the well-trained English army were nothing more than camp followers and servants. Many though, now believe that these were the famous knights Templar, who had taken root in Scotland and hidden away from Catholic tyranny. Strangely immediately after the battle Robert the Bruce, the new Scottish King, rewards the Sinclair family with lands near Edinburgh and Pentland. The very same lands associated with hundreds of Templar graves, sites, symbols and much more, such as Balantrodoch (Temple.)

An indication of the popular liking for the Templars is shown in the Peasant’s Revolt of Wylam Tyler in 1381 AD when a mob marched in protest of the oppressive taxes placed upon them. Strangely they did not harm the old Templar buildings, but instead turned their attentions on those of the Catholic Church. In one instance they actually carried things out of a Templar church in London to burn the items in the street, rather than damage the building. It may be that this uprising was a natural incident, or it may be that it was inspired by the actions of a hidden and now secret society of the Templars – hidden because of the new Catholic hatred towards them. If it is the case that the Templars did indeed inspire this revolt then, even though they were not successful, they tried again a hundred years later and forced the Reformation. It was around this period (15th Century) that the first records of Scottish and York Masonic meetings appear.

However lets take a rather sideways look at the history and symbolism of the Templars.

There are some strange links between Sumerian iconography and Templar symbolism, which need to be voiced. The most obvious Templar image is that if the two poor knights seated upon a horse, which is very similar to the idea and concept of two riders seen in ancient Sumeria. This was purely a tactical device in warfare – although there may be some truth in believing that it has origin in the “balance” hypothesis of the “twins.” The Templar cross is equally seen in many Sumerian images normally associated with an upturned crescent moon. The Fleur de Lys is also a common image as well as bees, which were common also to the Merovingians. The pentagram is also seen in the images of both and symbolized the essence of the Merovingians as the ‘Shining Ones.’

Another symbol seen in various forms from Sumeria to France is the Abraxus – a figure with snakes for legs – a symbol used for gods such as Oannes and not surprisingly this later became the symbol of the Grand Master of the Templar Order. What could this mean? That the head of the Order of the Templars saw himself as the chief of the serpents? In conjunction with the fact that the Templars also used the serpent symbol of eternity and immortality – the snake eating its own tail – then we have a serpent secret being held by the very highest of Christian guardians.

The Cross of Lorraine, a symbol used by the Templars before their usual “Maltese” style cross is seen in Sumeria as a symbol for kingship. These influences must have been picked up whilst the Templars were in the Middle East and then utilized later on. We know that they used the sign, as in the trials in the early 1300′s had the prisoners etching the symbol into the cell walls. What other ancient secrets did they collect?

The Cross of Lorraine was the emblem of heraldry for Rene D’Anjou, said by Charles Peguy to represent the arms of both Christ and Satan and the blood of both (from an article by Boyd Rice entitled The Cross of Lorraine: Emblem of the Royal Secret). It is also said to incorporate the symbol phi or the Golden Ration of Sacred Geometry – so very important to the Masons. Rene d’Anjou was keenly aware and interested in many things occult. He led a search for new (old) hermetic texts. The Cross of Lorraine was therefore taken on by Rene, and subsequently by Marie de Guise the wife of James Stuart V (parents of Mary Queen of Scots) for of its occult symbolism. This occult symbolism showed the cross to be representative of poison. Proof of this meaning comes also from the fact that it became an icon used by chemists (originally alchemists) on the bottles of poisonous substances. The idea of course is hidden in the duality. Why would monarchs and Templars use a sign for poison, if that poison did not have an opposite side? That of cure! Later on in the early twentieth century Aleister Crowley, the arch Magus and self proclaimed Alchemist would assign this very same symbol as the Sigil of Baphomet. The Cross of Lorraine is thought to be a sign of secrets; a sign of the Angelic Race, which came down and posited wisdom and the secrets of immortality upon the Royal Bloodline. According to Boyd Rice it is “a sigil of that Royal Secret, the doctrine of the Forgotten Ones.” And for this reason it seems peculiar that in the 1940′s Charles de Gaulle should make it the official symbol of the French Resistance.

We were playing with the standard Templar cross (Croix Patte) one day in our minds, wondering why and how it had evolved. We knew that it had eight points and all that this entailed but we wondered about what Fulcanelli had believed – that Gothic architecture was a three dimensional esoteric message. Due to the fact that the Templar mysteries emerged from many places including Arabic or Muslim influences, Judaic kabalistic beliefs and even Egyptian sacred rites, we were sure that there had to be another message enclosed within this simple shape. Basing the assumption upon the three dimensional aspect and wondering if there were any links to probably one of the greatest mysteries in the world we suddenly thought; if you cut out the cross from a piece of paper and lay it flat you have the two dimensional image. If you then take hold of the cross in the very center and lift it, you end up with a perfect pyramid – a symbol of Egyptian and Masonic wisdom and central to immortality. But, on some Templar crosses the edges are angled inwards to give the eight points. We thought that the pyramid of Giza had straight walls, until we looked deeper. The Great Pyramid at Giza holds a secret architecture – its walls bow inwards! Could it be, we wondered, that the Templar cross also had this hidden symbolism of the Great Pyramid? That it was fashioned to incorporate the three-dimensional geometry spoken of by the likes of Fulcanelli and said to have been spawned into Europe by the Templars and their brothers in the Cistercians? That these mysterious brothers in Gnosticism actually understood the meaning behind the symbolism of the pyramids – that it was symbolic in all aspects of the immortality of the serpent.


A mysterious object said to have been venerated by the Templars and to have been written about extensively over the past 30 years. Thought to be a skull by some.

One possible explanation for the origin of the word could strangely be found in the deserts of Yemen. The people who live here are called the Al-Mahara and they have developed many ways of combating snake poison. The special snake priests are called Raaboot men and they are said to have learned the secret by transition from father to son. Their legends state that they have immunity from snakebites.

If somebody is bitten, then a Raaboot man is called upon, who then sits by the patient along with several others who then chant in a monotone voice “Bahamoot, Bahamoot.” The poison is then vomited up or passed out of the body in the other direction. The Raaboot man then leaves. Again, here as we have pointed out before, the snake is said to have a jewel in its head, indicative of the enlightenment aspect.

Is it not possible that Bahamoot, as a chant for the curing of snakebites, could have made its way through the various cultures and found itself as a word for the ‘head serpent?’ – The same ‘head serpent’ that the Templars worshipped?

If nothing else, then the etymology of these two related items is so similar that it again shows in the language of the serpent cult, a worldwide spread.

Friday the 13th, October 1307, was a terrible day for the Knights Templars as King Philip IV’s men descended upon all of the order’s French holdings: seizing property, and arresting each of its members. Why? Simply because Philip owed them huge amounts of money and had no way of paying them back, and to add to this he had hoped that the infamous Templar treasure would be his.

With the help of his puppet, Pope Clement V, the French king tortured the knights to discover their secrets. Finally to justify his action, the knights were accused of heresy, homosexual practices, necromancy and conducting bizarre rituals such as desecrating the cross – as if to show their lack of faith in this Christian icon. This was, however a method of initiation and not a heretical act.

The most unusual and perplexing evidence they came across however, was the worship of this idol called Baphomet. This strange “thing” – although sometimes referred to as a “cat” or “goat” – was generally seen as a ‘severed head.’ Peter Tompkins in The Magic of Obelisks says: “Public indignation was aroused . . . the Templar symbol of Gnostic rites based on phallic worship and the power of directed will. The androgynous figure with a goat’s beard and cloven hooves is linked to the horned god of antiquity, the goat of Mendes.”

The list of charges used by the Inquisition in 1308 reads:

“Item, that in each province they had idols, namely heads.

Item, that they adored these idols or that idol, and especially in their great chapters and assemblies.

Item, that they venerated (them)

Item, that they venerated them as God.

Item, that they venerated them as their Savior.

Item, that they said that the head could save them.

Item, that it could make riches.

Item, that it could make the trees flower.

Item, that it made the land germinate.

Item, that they surrounded or touched each head of the aforesaid idol with small cords, which they wore around themselves next to the shirt or the flesh.”

(Could this cord be like the Hindu cord, symbolic of the serpent?)

Some said it was a man’s head but others a woman’s head. Some said that it was bearded, others non-bearded. Some presumed that it was made from glass and that it had two faces. This general mixing of ideas shows where the idea of the head could have come from. That it was a man’s head or a woman’s, indicates its ‘dual nature’ – and much like the ancient Celtic heads would incline us to the opinion, that it emerged from part of the supposed ancient head cult.

The Celts, it is said, believed that the soul resided in the head. They would decapitate their enemies and keep them as talismans. Probably the best-known head in Celtic lore is that of Bran the Blessed, which was buried outside London – some say Tower Hill – facing towards France. It was put there to see off the plague and disease and to ensure that the land was fertile – the same powers that were attributed to the ‘Green Man.’
‘Bearded’ and ‘non-bearded’ simply indicates again the dual nature, as does the idea that it was “two-faced,” like the god Janus. It was apparently called Caput 58, (Caput meaning ‘Head’) indicating that there may have been possibly hundreds of them. There are also strong links with Islam at this time; links that the Templars should probably not have made in their supposedly Christian world.

It is also said that the name Baphomet was derived from Mahomet – an Old French corruption of the name of the prophet Muhammad. Others claim that it comes from the Arabic word abufihamet, which means ‘Father of Understanding.’

In all likelihood though Baphomet comes from baphe meaning to submerge and mete meaning wisdom, the baphoment therefore being a device for the Gnostic tradition or belief of being submerged in wisdom, itself associated with the concept of the Sophia or wisdom goddess.

Dionysiac Architects

These are said by Masonic historians to be the prime originators of their guilds. A secretive group or secret society with doctrines said by Manly P. Hall (in Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy) to be similar to the Freemasons. They are thought to have been great builders, reminiscent of the idea of the great builders who escaped India.

It was this secret society, under Hiram Abiff, that supposedly built the Temple of Solomon and erected the great brass pillars now seen as Boaz and Joachim in Masonry. They were also known as the Roman Collegia and were said to have wandered around like the Medieval Masons, building such fantastic places as the Temple of Diana at Ephesus (John Weisse, The Obelisk and Freemasonry.)

Weisse also points out that the Collegia influenced the Islamic building efforts, which were later to become a turning point in Western European architecture after the crusades and possibly via the Collegia’s influence over the Templars amongst others.

These Collegia were also thought to have been known before the Romans in Greece and were said to have worshipped Bacchus. Some even believe that Jesus, when he mentions that he will rebuild the Temple, is pointing out that he too is of the Collegia. Also, considering the Masonic fascination with the Druids, there is little wonder that William Stukely believed them to have been the builders of Stonehenge and other ancient monuments. Many Masonic writers love to associate themselves with the Druids and that they “had a high veneration for the Serpent. Their great god Hu, was typified by that reptile.” George Oliver, Signs and Symbols (Macoy Publishing New York.)

If it is true that the Dionysiac Architects and the Bacchus/Dionysius-worshipping Greek and Roman Collegia – not to mention the later Templar-Freemasonic link – were among the originators of the Freemasons, then it is highly likely that they were linked also with the serpent-worshipping Druids. They were all in fact a later showing of the worldwide serpent cult – the same as those in India, Egypt and elsewhere who all had fantastic building skills and held secrets of the true Elixir. Today we can still see a remnant of this great architectural, serpent-worshipping and secretive cult in the Masons. As George Oliver points out “The Serpent is universally esteemed a legitimate symbol of Freemasonry.”


Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Truck Wrecks

by theseanster93

Truck accidents are a common cause of spinal cord injuries. The victim of a truck accident is oftentimes left with very little or no motor neuron activity, impeding his or her daily range of activities. The victim is forced into a life of dependence on family and caretakers, pushing everyone into emotional turbulence. A vehicle accident lawyer understands the situation that the victim was thrust into and tries to get as much compensation as legally allowed.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) resulting from trauma or disease cause temporary or permanent loss of movement, sensation and ability to control bowel movements. Statistics show that more than 10,000 victims are stricken with spinal cord injuries annually. A majority of spinal cord injuries are caused by auto accidents, with falls and sports accidents coming a distant second and third.

Spinal cord injuries suffered in big rig collisions are put in two classes – complete and incomplete. The injury is classified as complete if there is no feeling or voluntary movement on either side of the body below the injured area. If the victim has sensation or there is some movement, then it is an incomplete injury.

Spinal cord injuries are described by the area of the vertebrae affected. For example, if the neck area is hurt, it will be grouped under cervical vertebrae. For instance, a C-6 means the fifth cervical vertebra has been damaged. Similarly, injuries below the neck are called T-1, T-2. Similarly; injuries below the neck to the thoracic vertebrae are called T-1, T-2, etc. This classification system is valid for the sacral and lumbar vertebrae also.

Generally, it has been observed that in neck injuries, the paralysis spreads to all limbs, known as quadriplegia in medical terms. Thoracic injuries on the other hand cause paralysis in the lower limbs (paraplegia) only. The severity of the paralysis depends on the extent of the injury. The patient is able to retain some degree of movement in the case of incomplete cervical injury. However, if the injury is serious, like in the case of a C-4 injury, the patient is put on a ventilator. Thoracic injury leaves functionality in the upper extremities. Even though the arms may still work, the lower body functionality is impaired causing distress while walking. Other bodily activities like bladder and bowel control are also affected, along with pain levels, ability to regulate body temperature and blood pressure.

As any vehicle accident lawyer will explain to you, spinal cord injuries have wide affects on the victim and his family. In a spinal cord injury, the spinal cord becomes swollen, causing a vast range of bodily dysfunction. There is no cure for SCI and the treatment is restricted to stabilizing the injured vertebrae, immobilizing the injured area and reducing the swelling. Aftercare involves rehabilitation, preparing the patient psychologically for wheelchair use.

A truck accident attorney will explain to you that no compensation is enough for an entire life spent in misery and pain. However, keeping taking into account the prohibitively high costs of medical care, such lawsuits become needed.

Low level laser therapy or LLLT is a recent innovation to prevent hair loss. Although the use of laser therapy has been around for awhile now in dental practices, dermatology clinics and used in many other settings, use of this low level laser application (now approved for a hand held portable laser device that can be used in the home or on vacation) is now FDA approved for hair regrowth. The laser hair therapy device or brush has been shown to stimulate living hair follicles into growing stronger, healthier, shinier hair. It is the perfect choice to treat those who are just beginning to lose hair or who know by their family pattern that hair loss is in their future. Unlike oral medications or drugs, LLLT is safe for both men and women. Unlike surgery, the procedure is noninvasive and painless. The success of laser therapy depends on the cause of your hair loss. To find out if it’s right for you, research is always key.

Investigate the Causes of Your Hair Loss

Do you have hair loss or just cyclical shedding? Before you spend time and money on any treatment to prevent hair loss, you should know that some daily hair loss is normal (up to about 100 hairs per day) so evaluate yourself over a period of time before making or getting a diagnosis. When hair does not grow back or comes out in patches then it is time to treat it. There are many available resources on the topic found in books, a respected medical website, positive outcomes of friends, or your doctor. Visiting your doctor and letting him or her diagnose your condition and overall health is a good idea before deciding whether hair loss therapy is a good choice for you.

New Technology for Hair Loss Treatment

In the past you would have to find a hair loss clinic that administers low level laser therapy treatments. Your doctor usually does not perform this service, and will probably recommend taking medications such as Monoxidil or Finasteride. Medications can cause serious side effects and cannot be used by all people. Hair transplant surgery is also risky as it is an invasive surgery and sometimes requires a little ‘downtime” for the procedure. Hair pieces or wigs are a method of choice for some people and some conditions (alopecia totalis), but most of us prefer the more natural look of our own hair. Color sprays or spray thickeners not only look “fake” but come off on clothing or headrests and fool no one.

Low level laser therapy is becoming the treatment of choice and is usually and best used in a system or in conjunction with the appropriate vitamins, scalp cleansers, conditioners, and water treatment. The good news is that we usually are in the habit of taking vitamins anyway and shampooing and conditioning our hair, so those items can just be substituted with ones that work best with the laser therapy. Water can be conditioned with a water filter hooked to your shower head to remove harmful chlorine, and any additional liquid scalp preparations or nutrients can be easily worked into your hair care regime.

Thankfully, now there are great products sold in a complete laser system that takes the guesswork out of individual buying or combining of products.

The laser hand held devices now on the market vary in strength, cost and ease of use. The best ones have no cord (battery length is usually long due to the level of the laser) and that way there are no chargers or cords to worry about. The best would have the most surface coverage and highest number of light emitting diodes, to ensure you were making the best use of your treatment time. The laser “brush” should be used every other day for a total of about 20 to 30 minutes, so it should also be able to be rested directly on the scalp and be light weight.

Results and Benefits

Low level laser therapy activates the necessary enzymes that accelerate the natural cellular processes in the hair bulb and increases protein synthesis, healthy blood flow and tissue health. These factors all stimulate healthy hair growth. LLLT is natural and safe with no known side effects, and results in hair production in cases of hair loss caused by hereditary hair loss, stress, hormone imbalances and poor nutrition. We will be seeing and hearing a lot more about the success stories that come from this new, easy to use, on the go type of treatment to prevent hair loss that was previously only available by a lifetime of visits three times a week to a hair loss clinic or salon.


Cholesterol and Heart Diseases – Exposed

by The Brit_2

You must have heard of the term blood lipids which is a medical name given to all the fatty substance in the blood, including cholesterol. Cholesterol is a soft, fat-like, waxy substance found in the bloodstream and in all body cells. It is produced by the body, and is important for the body to function properly. In fact, the body makes about 80 per cent, the rest 20 per cent comes from dietary sources. Without cholesterol, our bodies would be unable to function properly. About half of American adults have a high level of cholesterol and about 1 in 5 have a high-risk zone level.

It is particularly important in the formation of brain cells, nerve tissue, and the spinal cord. It help to produce bile that metabolize fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. But too much cholesterol in the blood is a major risk for coronary heart disease and stroke.

As we all know, fat deposits in the arterial wall is the major cause of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). The deposits of fats in the arteries makes the wall narrower and so reduces blood flow to the heart muscles (myocardium). The arteries can become clogged and narrow, and blood flow reduced. If this plaque ruptures, a blood clot may form here or a piece may break off and travel in the bloodstream. If a blood clot blocks the blood flow to your heart, it causes a heart attack. If a blood clot blocks an artery leading to the brain, a stroke results. This whole process is more likely to happen to a person with a high level of bad blood cholesterol in the blood.

But Cholesterol is difficult to measure because the level in the blood includes several different types, and put simply, there are good and bad cholesterol in our body. There is enough evidence to show that the risk of Coronary heart disease rises as total cholesterol level increases.

First get to know the different types of cholesterol to determine which one is actually a threat to our health. Blood cholesterol is referred to as total cholesterol (TC) and there are two types:

High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL-C) often called the good cholesterol helps to protect against heart diseases. This type of cholesterol transfers the fatty deposits away from the arteries and they are usually low in hyperinsulinism which is dangerous to the heart.

Low-density Lipoproein Cholesterol (LDL-C) is a bad form of cholesterol which deposits blood fats in the arteries and therefore are associated with increase risk of heart attack. Triglycerides are another common type of fat in the body. They are good energy source that our body also makes mostly. High levels of blood triglycerides are often found in people who are overweight, have high cholesterol levels, heart problems,and diabetes.

So, we no know that a measure of cholesterol by itself does not count since if the cholesterol level is high, it may be due to high HDL-C (good one) or high LDL-C (bad one). So a breakdown of the type of cholesterol have to be measured.

There is enough evidence to show that the risk of heart disease rises as total cholesterol (TC) and LDL-C levels increases. And because HDL-C is the good cholesterol, it is expected that high level of it will help lower the risk of coronary heart disease. So high level of HDL-C appears to neutralize the potential adverse effect of raised total cholesterol level in our blood.

Blood cholesterol level are measured by blood test and the ideal total is less than 5.0mmol/L. for instance, in the Framingham Heart study, people with a total cholesterol level of about 6.5mmol/L had a heart attack risk two or three times higher than people with level less than 5mmol/L.

Your genetic make up is partly responsible for determining your blood cholesterol level. Some families carry genes for raised level of various kind of blood fats. But in all, diet plays the most important role in determining cholesterol levels in the body.

Animal and dairy fats like beef, pork, eggs, cheese, some vegetable oil raises blood cholesterol. Do the first step of preventing heart diseases significantly in both men and women by reducing the amount of saturated or animal fats contents in meals. But rather, replace animal and dairy fats with vegetable fats which are low-saturated and may lower
blood cholesterol. Eat more of fruits,wholegrain meal, and fresh vegetables. Do physical activities at least 30 minutes on most or all days of the week.

Many people who have angina or a heart attack have high lipid level which are partly as a result of diet and partly genetic. By good and careful dieting plan, you can reduce blood cholesterol levels by 10-20 per cent. For greater lowering of cholesterol, drugs are usually necessary. Drugs like Statins, Resins and Fibrates are very useful. See your doctor for effective treatment plan.

Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin, the mucous membrane and the white of the eyes.
All newborns have a certain degree of this condition. Jaundice is due to excessive serum bilirubin in the blood. Once he is born, a newborn baby starts to use his lungs to breathe. Excessive red blood cells, present in large quantities in the foetal
circulation that carry oxygen break down, releasing sub-products known as serum bilirubin,

which is usually disposed off by the liver and passes out through the bowels. Some babies are unable to handle such disposal, leading to jaundice. Premature and Asian infants have higher levels of serum bilirubin compared to their Caucasian counterparts.
As such, neonatal jaundice is very common in Singapore.

Neonatal jaundice becomes noticeable from the third day and peaks around the six
day, gradually disappearing after 10 days. It is harmless unless the levels are high.

SOME CAUSES OF JAUNDICE IN BABIES Jaundice in babies can be caused by any
of the following.

• Pre-maturity

• G6PD [glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency, a

permanent condition where red blood cells break down too easily when exposed to certain trigger agents.

• Sepsis infection where the baby becomes infected

• ABO incompatibility, a blood group incompatibility that is fairly infrequent but, if present, can cause rapid and severe jaundice in babies

• Physiologic jaundice

• Breastfeeding jaundice

• Breast milk jaundice - Both viral and bacterial infections can lead to the breakdown of red blood cells.
Umbilical cord infection, septicaemia and even pyelonephritis can also lead to jaundice.


Phototherapy is a safe and effective way of treating mild jaundice.
This treatment is administered as a special micro-blue wavelength light condensed and

manufactured specifically for this purpose. It is emitted from a fluorescent light tube.

The principle behind the treatment is that the light has the ability to break serum bilirubin [unconjugated bilirubin)
down to conjugated bilirubin and then flush it out with the baby's stools. The treatment is painless.

Your baby is left naked except for a diaper in order to maximize the area of exposure to the blue light. His eyes are
covered for protection. During

phototherapy, your baby may be a little dehydrated so extra feeds may be needed.

If your doctor has advised sunbathing for your jaundiced baby, expose him to indirect sunlight for not more than 20 minutes as baby skin is very tender and sunburn can occur very easily. Expose your baby only to the morning sun (and indirectly) when there is less heat.

Remember to shield his eyes from the sun during sunbathing and turn him every five minutes. You may give your baby some water in between milk feeds as dehydration may occur.


In severe cases, where the level is higher than 350 p.mol/1, jaundice can cause brain damage in a baby [kernictems).
This can lead to irreparable damage of his psychomotor functions, mental retardation and even death. If you notice the usual symptoms of jaundice—yellow discolouration of the skin, palms and white of the eyes—but accompanied by nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and sometimes passing of dark-coloured urine and poor feeding due to severe lethargy,

bring your baby to a doctor immediately.

Early treatment is essential and may save his life. Never attempt self-medication. In such cases, phototherapy alone is usually ineffective and a blood exchange

transfusion may be required if the levels are too high.


G6PD deficiency is one of the causes of jaundice. It is caused by a genetic linkage where the mother is a carrier and the condition is manifested in her son. Approximately 50% of her offspring is affected if the mother is G6PD deficient.
If your child is G6PD deficient, it is important to remember that while the condition lasts for life, he can still lead a normal healthy lifestyle with the following precautions.

• Do not use mothballs on his clothes and beddings as they can trigger a rapid breakdown of his red blood cells.

• Avoid giving him certain traditional Chinese herbs and fava beans (bian dou) as they can also trigger a rapid breakdown of his red blood cells.

• Do not attempt self-medication.

• Avoid certain medications if you are breastfeeding. Consult your doctor to find out the types of medicines you

should avoid.


This condition refers to the mother and the baby's incompatible blood groups. If the mother is Blood Group 0 and the baby
is A, B or AB, a factor from the mother's blood can cross over the placenta and cause breaking down of the baby's blood
cells. This also applies to Rhesus incompatibility where the mother is Rhesus negative and the baby is Rhesus Positive. In such cases, the red blood cells break down rapidly, leading to jaundice. This normally appears within 24 hours but is rarely severe. In very severe cases, blood exchange transfusions are needed.

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Pros and Cons of Cord Blood Banking

by Mr. Kimberly

The stem cell cord blood banking has been the ray of hope for treating incurable medical problems. But it has its own share of its pros and cons. Certain factors such as morals, race, medical history of genetic problems etc. that can influence the decision to opt for blood storage.

Factors Affecting Cord Blood Donation

Receiver’ compatibility – because of the immaturity of the stem cells found in cord blood, the receiver has a lower risk of graft as against. host illness, which can be a severe immunity problem. Convenience – it is simpler to recover blood form teh cord as compared to bone marrow. It is due to its cryogenic storage and is easily obtainable for transplant. It is difficult to find bone marrow donor and the procedure to obtain it is difficult. Cultural or racial groups – Race and morals hamper the bone marrow donation. CB banking, where the blood form the cord is saved at the time of childbirth, helps in this point. Free services – if you cannot afford the charges CB registry, certain private banking companies offer free services.


The major benefit of preserving blood from the cord is its easy availability during the moment of saving a persons life. The stem cells are already present in the cord blood bank, so, are easily available in case of the transplant. No pain or harm caused to the mother or baby at the time of cord blood collection. It is a very easy procedure performed right after delivery.

Cord-blood cells can assist in curing of over 50 diseases like leukemia, critical sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, etc. Stem cell cord blood is more likely to become the accurate fit for family members and relatives without the risk of rejection by the receivers body.


No accurate approximation to assert that a normal child without any risk factor will use her own preserved blood.

The commercial cord-blood bank charges around ,500 for CB registry, along with the annual 0 maintenance fee. Also, you might have to pay a few hundred dollars to get the cord blood collection kit, towards the courier fees, and for first steps of cord blood banking.

Many stem cell transplants are carried out only on kids or tens. They are insufficient for an adult transplant. A big-sized person requires bigger quantity of blood producing stem cells for a successful transplant.

There is no clear proof to validate that stem cells of a relative are more successful than those taken from a stranger. Both the donors have same success rate since the cord blood stem cells are unripe, so, the perfect match is immaterial.

Doctors donate have much expertise in cordblood stem cell transplantation.

Few medical experts opine that a sick child obtaining her own cord blood stem cells can become susceptible to be afflicted with the same disease again. But this fact is not medically supported. Blood cord storage can be a new fashion very soon. But the decision lies in your hands. Also, you must choose well beforehand of the due date as the loss of the precious blood, makes it difficult to recover it.

It is very important to establish paternity and protect the legal rights of your youngster. Naming a legal father ensures that their child will acquire youngster help in addition to other benefits generally granted to heirs (social protection, veterans advantages, etc).


In the old days, it really is really difficult to set up paternity if there were no records or anything to attest the relationship of child and dad. Using the coming of DNA screening currently, paternity can be set up with virtually 100% accuracy. Except for identical twins, your DNA is as distinctive as your fingerprint. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) denotes your genetic makeup like the color of your hair and eyes, skin tone, height, and others.

The child gets 50% of his DNA from his mother along with the other half comes from his father. Comparing the child’s DNA with that from the biological mother will eliminate the genes inherited from her. What remains are the DNA of the father. A comparison of probes between the dad, mother and the youngster can set up paternity with 99.9% accuracy. There are a couple of ways of getting DNA samples. One particular is through the collection of a bloodstream sample and also the other is by means of a Buccal Swab. It is an action where by a swab is rubbed on the inside from the cheek to collect saliva and tissue where by there’s DNA.

Blood tests

Before the DNA tests today, there was the blood vessels analyze. Even though not as accurate as the DNA analyze, it can nonetheless pin down the opportunity of paternity to a kid. In this technique, white bloodstream cell antigens are examined and in comparison to identify (or exclude) a child’s dad. All the same, it can rule out prospective fathers by comparing blood kinds. (Illustration: A mum and dad having both sort A bloodstream cannot have a kid with variety O, B, or AB. The antigens aren’t present at all.)

Challenging paternity

If an individual legally challenges paternity, a civil suit must be filed inside a Relatives Court. If the judge orders DNA screening, the parties will pay to have the analyze done and interpreted. If paternity is confirmed, the father will be ordered to pay out youngster service. Other issues (custody, visitation, and other rights) will then be addressed later on. Alternatively, if the father doesn’t wish his parental rights, termination is in addition accomplished through the court.

Other paternity tests

If there is certainly need to create paternity during pregnancy, you can find two ways to do them, nevertheless they the two need a doctors consent because they contain risks. They are CVS where a sample of the uterus wall tissue is taken and Amniocentesis in which a small amount of the amniotic fluid is gathered the two from the mother. If performed soon after pregnancy, DNA samples are taken from the child via Buccal Swab (inside cheek swab) and taking a small sample of the umbilical cord to gather DNA.

From the dad, samples may be had from tissue samples like skin, bloodstream, hair, semen and saliva. With today’s scientific advances, establishing paternity is not as tough as before. What is essential, nonetheless, is that this move can mean the happiness and protection of a child as he or she experiences lifestyle.


Do Skin Firming and Anti Aging Products Actually Work? Here is How to Find the Right One!

by Lυвαιв

Did you know that there are actually a large number of natural compounds which can do the work of preserving skin firming and anti aging products from becoming mouldy on the shelves? But these are not used at all. Why? Most skin care manufacturers know this but because the parabens and synthetic chemicals are much cheaper, they go on using them and they justify this by saying that they have been in use since the 1920s so where is the problem?

A hundred years ago!
The problem is that was almost a hundred years ago and now scientific research is more advanced and it has discovered that many synthetic chemicals used are harmful and are implicated in all sorts of diseases and conditions which range from allergens, carcinogens, skin irritants, neurotoxins and reproductive toxins. Recent studies show that the umbilical cord blood of many pregnant mothers contains industrial chemicals. As this blood supplies the foetus with essential nutrients, alarm is growing that many babies are born ‘pre-polluted’.

The Compact For Safe Cosmetics
Where are the safe skin firming and anti aging products? A good place to start is to look for a company which has signed the protocol for the Compact For Safe Cosmetics. In other words, these companies will not use synthetic chemicals in their products and will opt for as many natural organic ingredients as they can. Unfortunately only a minority has signed this protocol so there is much work to be done.

This is an especially important area in skin firming and anti aging skincare because the skin is capable of absorbing up to 60% of what we slosh on in a carefree manner. Given that there may be harmful chemicals, we should be a bit more careful.

What are the ingredients that actually work?
These products will really only work if they can address the question of whether there are powerful enough antioxidants which can inhibit the free radicals from destroying skin cells. We also need a natural collagen booster which will be molecularly small enough to get through the different layers of the skin. We need natural and organic ingredients capable of moisturizing and protecting. I am thinking here of grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and avocado oil. But you hardly ever see these in skincare products because they cost the manufacturer too much. These are the most bio available ingredients on this planet but as I said you almost never find them in the skincare range.

So there you have it. There are effective ingredients and there are safer manufacturing processes in skin firming and anti aging lines which can safeguard your health. I have found one company which satisfies all these requirements and I have even built a website all about them. Do yourself and me a favor by at least visiting it and see why this company has left its competitors in the dust!

Your body detox itself everyday by neutralizing and eliminating toxins through your organs. So why should you be on a Detox Diet?

Think about it.

We are now living in a polluted and “chemicalized” world. The truth is that we are actually destroying our planet. Let’s not do the same with our bodies.

A Detox Diet against toxins found in our home. You might bring toxins into your home yourself. Many of the products you buy to improve the look and scent of your home can actually harm you and your family.

Household-cleaning products might, at least partially, cause ADHD and other learning and behavioral disorders. Fabric dryer sheets contain petroleum and artificial fragrances that may interfere with hormones. Air fresheners also contain these fragrances.

And that’s not all!

Non-stick cookware, waterproof clothing, furniture, food wrappers and other packaging often contain PFOA or C8, a Teflon chemical manufactured by DuPont. It has just been reviewed and upgraded from “suggestive carcinogen” to “likely carcinogen”. PFOA has been known to cause cancer in mammals. Studies have found that more than 95 percent Americans carry C8 in their blood.

The truth is that pollutants inside buildings outnumber those outside.

A Detox Diet against vaccination toxicity. Since the 1930′s, thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, has been added to vaccines. The explosion of the rate of autism could be linked to the increase of vaccine programs in the 90′s.

Have you noticed that no one took the time to calculate the cumulative mercury dose in our children?

A Detox Diet against radiation toxicity. Between 1950 and 1991, the incidence of breast cancer in the US increased by 90% due to an increase in radiation exposure from multiple sources.

Frightening! Isn’t it?

A Detox Diet against the toxins found in newborns. What a toxic legacy we leave to our kids! That is certainly the single most important reason for a Detox Diet.

One study looked for evidence of chemical contamination of the blood by analyzing 10 umbilical cords.

Well guess what?

The scientists found 287 industrial chemicals in the blood, an average of 200 different industrial chemicals per baby at birth. Of the 287 chemicals detected, 180 are known to cause cancer, 217 are known to be toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 are known to cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

Yes! You got it!

200 chemicals including mercury, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, pesticides, and chemicals from flame retardants, PCBs, industrial lubricants, plastics, Teflon, Scotchgard, industrial bleaches, electrical insulators, coal-fired power plants, vehicle emissions, and wood preservatives.

I’m sure you had enough.

In conclusion, our bodies that were once capable of clearing daily exposure to toxins are now completely overloaded. When the toxic load reaches this point, damage to the immune, neurological, and endocrine systems can occur.

While this all seems overwhelming, there are ways to approach the problem. A Detox Diet two to four times a year will make a huge difference not only for your health and the quality of your life, but also for the future of your children.


Should We Bank Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood?

by toadstool ring

Looking for an original gift idea? “Friends, parents, freeze the umbilical cord of the newborn! Stem cells that are present in it are unique and irreplaceable: preserving them is a responsible choice. They represent the new frontier of medicine and the concrete hope to cure hitherto incurable diseases … “.

For 2000 to 2300 euros and about 100 euros per year, these banks store cord blood for 20 years at 196 °C. At the end of this period, the cord owner may decide to renew the contract.

And the formula seduced: in just one small decade, nearly one million families, from all nationalities, have already made the choice to keep the umbilical cord of their child in such banks. Celebrities such as football player Thierry Henry and Prince Felipe of Spain have also yield to temptation, providing thus, a great advertising to this booming market. As for maternities, they are facing a growing demand from parents. The phenomenon is growing fast and the situation is unclear.

Today, three possibilities are open to prospective parents: discarding the cord, as has always been the case; storing it in a private cord blood bank for a possible future autologous (self) transplant; or giving it to the network of public cord blood banks, where it can be an anonymous donation (i.e allogenic).

Preserving the umbilical cord blood of one’s child is a bet on the future: maintaining the hope that regenerative medicine will be able to treat with stem cells, a wide range of diseases (neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, alterations of the eye, but also fractures, burns …). If necessary, the child could have his own cells, i.e., an autologous transplant, fully compatible in terms of immunology.

With cord blood, we can already treat 85 diseases, mostly diseases of the blood and immune system

, says Nico Forraz, a researcher of the Cord Blood Center of the University of Newcastle. Indeed, umbilical cord blood transplants have, in the case of blood diseases like leukemia, an alternative to bone marrow transplants, which require painful harvesting.

The enthusiasm for cord blood stem cells is not new. At the hospital Saint-Louis (Paris-France) in 1988, Professor Eliane Gluckman achieved a world premiere by transplanting in a child with Fanconi anemia (genetic disorder causing a lack of bone marrow) blood stem cells from the umbilical cord of his little sister. These cells, called hematopoietic are able to differentiate into white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets renewing permanently the blood and immune system. Thus, the transplant has helped regenerate hematopoiesis (the formation of the blood) in the patient.

Since the success of this transplant, an international network of public cord blood banks has been developed, which made it possible for approximately 10.000 persons suffering from diseases of the blood and immune system, to receive a cord blood stem cell transplant.

As for other applications, though promising, they are still in the research stage. At the University of Florida, a child with juvenile diabetes has seen his condition improve after receiving the blood of his own cord. Thirty children with this same disorder are currently participating in a clinical study.

In Spain, researchers from the Universities of Granada and Leon have treated rats with hepatitis using human stem cells from the umbilical cord. At Newcastle, the team of Colin McGuckin produced small pieces of nervous tissue, artificial vessels and pancreatic cells from cord blood stem cells. Georges Uzan, a biologist at INSERM (France), was able to regenerate vascular tissue in mice, by injecting these same cells: very encouraging results in the treatment of ischemia. However, the researcher states that there is still a huge gap between the preparation of cells in a laboratory and producing functional cells on a large scale, to treat patients.

Getting offshore banking can be useful if you are traveling around a lot and are not really located in one specific place. Revenues A company’s revenues are not important if you are considering in house banking. If you are not interested in saving and, therefore paying for the cord blood banking, you may consider its donation.

The proponents of cord blood banking state that this particular type of blood is needed to cure future diseases that the child or their close relatives may developed in the future. If there is a family medical history or your child has a predisposition to any of these diseases, you should seriously consider cord blood banking. The cord blood banking process can be costly for a private storage facility, starting at 00 but the protection that it offers far outweighs the costs.

Cord blood banking takes place between the mother of the newborn and the cord blood bank, or storage facility, she chooses. Cord blood banking is non-invasive and not harmful to the mother or baby. How to Choose a Business Banking Account: You must keep in mind that you need not operate a single business account; depending on the size and needs of your business, you could have two or more business accounts.

Before you can begin business banking you need to find the right bank for your needs. To settle a banking dispute, you first need to write a formal letter to your bank, explaining the basic problem, and the reasons why you think it has occurred. Before making a claim of dispute with your bank, you need to go through all their business policies, and all the information given in fine print.

If you have a dispute with your bank, then make sure you read all of your policies in detail before protesting. If a dispute cannot be sorted in writing or over the phone, then try and meet with your bank manager or another bank representative in person. There are a few different bank branch styles with varying levels of privacy currently operating today that can be generally classified as follows: trendy cafe style, the traditional “stand in line” teller window style and now, a newer, more customer attentive and private type of banking experience developed by architect John L.

However, a drawback of Swiss banking is that non-residents are expected to pay a hefty amount as deposit, and the smaller accounts are more expensive to maintain. Online banking is the most convenient of all banking technologies, the use of personal computers to access the accounts and ATM cards for withdrawing money without the bank authorities approval are some of the few benefits of online banking. Without doubt the onset of online banking has been of great assistance to banking customers, whether personal or business accounts.

While some still mourn the death of “personal” banking, and there is no doubt that it does have a place in the business community, overall the internet has offered the chance for quicker decisions on loan applications, etc and the ability to shop around. Nationwide Internet Banking is a great invention and most people who have tried it fall in love with the simplicity and ease of use. Proof that using offshore banking and companies are not illegal is the large number of known international trading and finance companies that have an offshore presence.

Let’s look at history a little to see how things deteriorated in the past regarding offshore privacy and offshore banking. Today there is a great outcry from these and other countries about the tax saving benefits afforded to citizens of certain countries by going offshore. Although there are viable alternatives to traditional banking, perhaps the best way to save yourself time and money is to have a combination of accounts.

Nobody wants to see China’s banks wither in the wake of foreign competition not even their foreign “competitors”, because a Chinese banking crisis would have a significant negative effect on the entire world economy. Agency Branch Banking “holistically designs” the entire banking experience and optimizes your bank’s opportunity for a personal connection. Private cord blood banking allows the parents to own the cord blood, and they pay a fee that can be one to two thousand dollars for the storage.

It is important to learn the facts about cord blood banking to help you make an informed decision. If you need to know more about in house banking procedures, you can consult an expert in the field who will explain to you the details of establishing an in house bank.


Could Your Child’s Teeth Have the Power to Treat Diseases?

by Eustaquio Santimano

The technologies and discoveries for new and innovative applications grow everyday with stem cells! It is absolutely astounding to know now that you can have stem cells extracted from your child’s teeth. The stem cells are located in the dental pulp which is burrowed in the base of the tooth.

This is an excellent opportunity for parents who missed out on cord blood banking. Not only are dental stem cells incredibly effective, the cost for this service is less than half the average cost of traditional cord blood banking!

The best news of all is the fact that stem cells can also be found in wisdom teeth. That means if you have a child in their teens, you still have time to put those teeth to use!

Every day, thousands of teeth are simply being thrown in the trash because patients and parents are unaware of what their teeth possess.

The process of stem cell extraction has been recently adopted by the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) and can now be found in every Pediatric Dentists Policy Handbook all over the country! Oral surgeons will be soon to follow, and I am here to make you aware of this new revolution in dentistry. We all know about the power of knowledge, and just knowing your options is something everyone has a right to.

Another attractive thing about this dental service is the cost! It is affordable for families of all incomes because every family deserves the option of having this service at their disposal.

Therapies using stem cells have at least forty years since the first bone marrow transplant was performed in 1969 by Edward Donnall Thomas, Nobel Prize for medicine in 1990, based on a research he carried out since the fifties. But we now know that bone marrow transplants are in fact hematopoietic stem cell grafts. 4239 transplants were performed in France, just in 2007.

The idea of using umbilical cord blood stem cells is old, an article published in one of the world’s leading general medical journals, “The Lancet”, was considering this possibility since 1939 and the first attempt to treat a patient suffering from cancer by transfusion dates from 1963. But only in 1988 the team of Professor Eliane Gluckman at Saint-Louis hospital could establish the protocol followed now, in operating the first successful transplant to treat a child suffering from Franconi disease. Therapies derived from cord blood, either to treat bone marrow diseases or reconstitute the dermis, require the involvement of the state which must act as a driving force, otherwise its liability could be one day potentially involved due to the lack of information provided.

Existing Therapies

The first successful therapeutic efforts based on umbilical cord blood were focused on blood diseases. In a second time, advances in knowledge of the different types of stem cells and their function will undoubtedly allow soon, the development of new therapies with the ability to repair the dermis of irradiated people and those with big burns.

Current Therapies Related to Blood Diseases

Hematopoietic stem cells from cord blood can favorably replace bone marrow cells for several reasons. Firstly, the greater immaturity of cord blood stem cells provides a more effective transplant. On the other hand, the chances to find a sample of cord blood compatible with a patient which has no parental relationship with the donor, are significantly higher than those of finding a bone marrow donor for an allogenic transplant.

The statistics given by Professor Gregory Katz-Benichou for the United States show that a third of patients waiting for bone marrow transplantation, have to find a donor outside their families and less than a third of them (9% of total patients) found a compatible donor. Conversely, all the investigations made in order to establish the number of cord blood transplants available worldwide were successful. Thus all patients undergoing a cord blood transplant are finding compatible grafts.

Over 20 000 people have been transplanted since 1988 and it is not surprising that cord blood transplants are growing each year at the expense of bone marrow. In 2007, cord blood transplants accounted for 27% of allogenic transplants performed in France.


A Look At Genetics And Organization Of The Human Body

by KimEdoll

When groups of similar cells work together to accomplish a special­ized task, the arrangement is referred to as tissue. Humans are composed of four primary types of tissue: epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous. Epithelial tissue is composed of cells that cover body surfaces. These secrete important substances, absorb nutrients, and excrete waste. Connective tissue supports and protects the body, stores fat, and produces blood cells. Muscle tissue is designed for movement. Nervous tissue found in the brain and spinal cord is designed for communication. These tissues then go on to form various organs, and, ultimately, organ systems.

The growth, development, and maintenance of cells, and ultimately of the entire organism, are directed by genes present in the cells. The genes contain the codes that control the expression of individual traits, such as height, eye color, and susceptibility to many diseases. An individual’s genetic risk for a given disease is an important factor, although often not the only factor, in determining whether he or she develops a given specific disease.

Interest in the human genetic code and its relationship to specific diseases has exploded in recent years. For example, the U.S. government sponsored a program to sequence the more than 30,000 genes present on human chromosomes. This Human Genome Project did not actually sequence the genes of just one person, but a composite genome based on the DNA contributed by a few individuals. Each gene essentially represents a recipe, noting the ingredients (specifically, amino acids) and how those ingredients should be put together. The human genome then would be the cookbook. It is likely that soon it will be relatively easy to screen a person’s DNA for genes that increase the risk for specific diseases. This is a brand-new field and is about to mushroom into a significant part of medical practice, as almost every medical condition has a genetic component. Most, however, are not single gene disorders but, instead, arise from alterations in a number of genes.

Each year, new links between specific genes and diseases are reported. It is thought that the decoding of the human genome will ultimately transform the practice of medicine, allowing for the prediction of what illnesses will likely eventually develop in a person, years in advance. The hope is then to replace genes that encourage diseases, such as cancer, with those that do not. Such gene therapy has shown to be effective for a few disorders, but is not generally available at this time.

You deserve big congratulations for completing your sixth week of pregnancy and entering into the seventh week of your pregnancy. You are now going to experience some new 7 week pregnant symptoms. At this stage, the rapid development is going in your baby. The development is at the full swing in this week. Your baby has grown to about ½ inch long. Your baby would approximately be of the size of blueberry or of a grain of rice. To be exact, the size would be just double of the size of your baby that was the previous month. Developments are not only taking place in the terms of his size. But, there are various other changes like that of facial developments that may involve addition of facial features like mouth and eyes. Feet and hands are also at the development stage.

Your baby is undergoing various changes during this stage. Changes are not only taking place at the external level, but there are various changes that are occurring internally like that of the formation of internal features like organs and veins. Various internal organs like liver, appendix and pancreas are getting ready for performing proper functions in the body. The newly formed liver has also started performing its various functions in the tiny body of the baby. Liver had now started performing its job that is to build red blood cells for the body so that transportation of nutrients and oxygen can take place in a proper manner. When the body will be developed, the job of producing red blood cells will be transferred to bone marrow as soon as the baby’s bones take the final shape. The link between you and your baby will still be there and will not break till the baby is within you. The link will continue to develop until your baby’s body is ready enough to perform all the functions independently. Connections will form like that between the umbilical cord and the baby’s intestines so that the attachments of blood vessels could continue.

As your baby is developing inside your body, you are also experiencing various changes. These changes are getting noticeable with each passing day. The symptoms of pregnancy vary from women to women due to the unique structure and menstrual cycle of every woman. Morning sickness is very common symptom from which almost all the women suffer. But, there are others who experience a great aversion for the food while others may develop the desire for food.

But, you should always try to take your proper diet and should always take regular meals as you are indirectly helping your baby to develop fast.


Baby Health Tips

by mathowie

Babies no matter how you look at them are just so adorable and so lovely, looking like angels especially when they smile in their sleep. Their cuteness, their pillow softness is simply irresistible hence any mother would go to extremes to protect them, no ifs and no buts. Since babies are vulnerable to sicknesses because of their weak immune system, parents need to take extra care of them.

Vaccines are given to babies for protection against sicknesses such as Hepatitis B vaccine that is given at birth. A second dose called booster shot is given 30 days or more thereafter. Other vaccines such as Rotavirus, DTaP, Haemophilus influenza (HiB), Pneumococcal Conjugate and inactivated poliovirus are also given at different stages. It is best that you work closely with your baby’s health care provider with regard to vaccines needed depending on your child’s age. There are more vaccines that your baby may need and they do not cost that much. In some cases, they are even given for free.

Haven’t many adult wished they had the satiny soft, smooth skin of a baby? This is another important part of a baby’s health that needs careful attention and gentle care. Lotions and other skin care products that you use on your skin, no matter what the label promises should never be used on your baby’s delicate skin. There are specific infant lotions and oils formulated not to cause any harm to your baby’s cottony soft skin.

Your baby’s health’s most important concern is nutrition thus the promotion of breastfeeding especially for newborn infants. This is very important in their development as breast milk can provide your baby the necessary nutrients important to his immune system. The mother must ensure she is fit to breastfeed a child though.

In as much as mother make sure their babies are safe, well taken care of and properly nourished there come minor problems every now and then. It is just a matter of knowing what to do in such cases.


Diapers must stay below cord to keep it clean and dry at all times until it naturally falls off. This may take about two or three weeks after birth. You may dab alcohol on a cotton swab once or twice daily or follow doctor’s advice. At any sign of irritation, redness, odor or especially bleeding, immediately consult or call your baby’s health care giver.


Diapers can irritate the tip of the baby’s penis but a small amount of petroleum jelly at each diaper change will help. The circumcision normally heals in seven to ten days. Again, at any sign irritation, call your doctor.


Treat diaper rash immediately as they tend to get worse in such a short time once they start to appear. You may use diaper rash cream. You may avoid diaper rash and not let your baby suffer from this by changing baby’s diaper often and immediately once wet. Be diligent in washing baby’s bottom often, possibly at every diaper change. Gently dry with a soft cloth and let baby’s bottom uncovered for a few minutes of air drying.

No reason to worry for breastfeeding mothers in cases of baby’s diarrhea, they may continue feeding. However, if your baby cannot keep down the milk and diarrhea continues for longer than twelve hours, call your baby’s health care provider.


An angry baby generally calms down once carried and hugged by their mommies. But should baby continue to cry, check for colic. Hold your baby, stomach down on your lap or shoulder. Gently rub baby’s back putting a very gentle pressure as you do so. If you can make your baby burp by doing this, your baby will feel immediate relief from colic.


In the absence of fever, you may give your baby cold drops especially prepared for babies. Keep your baby more comfortable. However, if your baby has fever, call your baby’s doctor.


  • has breathing problems, finds it difficult to get air, appears to be weak and has no energy
  • is crying or moaning unusually and very finicky, refuses to feed or does not sleep soundly and awake for longer hours than usual but not alert
  • passes blood in his urine or bowels
  • is shaking especially for an unexplained reason

Whenever you find anything unusual about your baby, something that you cannot explain, let your mother’s instinct prevail. It is there for a good reason.

Paramedics are long been the bridge between the patient and the doctor. Whenever a health related emergency is present, where 911 is dialed, the paramedics are the first ones at the scene. Their actions and notations are critical for transferring the patients vital information to the doctor. Speed and accuracy are critical in emergency situations. All paramedics take the blood pressure of the patient, and SPO2 readings, but recently new technology has been released which makes taking SPO2 readings faster while maintaining accuracy. Fingertip oximeters offer paramedics a small portable device which can be carried in their pockets or equipment bag and gives readings within seconds.

Landon Medical recently launched their newest pulse oximeter to the market, the LM-900. The LM-900 has all of the basic features of other Landon Medical oximeters, but with the addition of perfusion index and a multi-view color OLED screen. The color OLED screen is critical to paramedics, since it makes reading the screen much easier and less stressful to the eyes. Before fingertip oximeters, paramedics relied on handheld oximeters with dated screens, which used corded probes for readings. The cost of these handheld oximeters was on average four to five times the cost of the LM-900, which retails for under . A recent test conducted on the LM-900 revealed that although it costs under , it does not mean it is poor quality. The product proved to be durable and accurate. It was also noted that it comes with a 2-year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

The ambulatory industry is shifting from the old expensive technology, to the new finger pulse oximeters. They provide all of their emergency personnel with their own personal pulse oximeters, which are used to get patients vital signs for chart records. The new oximeters are fast and easy to use, and at a cost of 0 or less, they are much more accessible. Emergency personnel depend now on their stethoscope, radio and now pulse oximeters.


Stem Cell Transplants Purpose – Important to Know

by amy_b

What is the purpose of having Stem Cell Transplants?

Stem cells are cells that are immature but can mature into blood cells. The process of infusing healthy stem cells into the body system is done by cell transplants. It becomes very much necessary when the bone marrow does not work and fails to produce sufficient stem cells required by the body. The main purpose of the transplant is to make the body capable of producing enough white blood cells, red blood corpuscles and prevent cases like anemia, infections, bleeding, etc.

A stem cell transplant can also be termed as a bone marrow transplant or umbilical cord blood transplant with regard to the origin of the stem cells. This procedure can make use of cells from your body, from your identical twin as well as those of the donors. It helps in replenishing the body’s capacity to produce blood-forming cells.

How does cell transplant help in cancer treatment?

A patient undergoing cancer treatment has to face chemotherapy. The procedures used for stem transplants help in restoring stem cells which have been destroyed due to the application of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The transplants help the patients to cope up with the effect that these therapies have on the cells that divide rapidly.

Bone marrow is often damaged or destroyed due to high-dose treatments. This makes a patient unable to produce enough blood cells for the carriage of oxygen to the different parts of the body, prevent bleeding or even fight infection.

Leukemia and lymphoma can be treated using cell transplantation. It can b used to treat cancers like neuroblastoma, multiple myeloma, etc.

What role do umbilical cord transplants play?

Umbilical cord transplants find their use when adults suffering from leukemia or aplastic anemia are being treated. It is a process where umbilical cord blood is extracted, stored and transplanted. Bone marrow donors are rarely found due to the fact that the process is very painful and takes a long time to heal.

Umbilical cord blood consists of haemopoietic stem cells which can reconstitute and repopulate bone marrow.

What is the importance of cord blood transplantation?

Cord blood transplantation can be considered to be an alternative for bone marrow transplants. Umbilical cord blood, bone marrow and peripheral blood are the sources that are used in transplants to serve the purpose of blood forming cells.

Cord blood units can be readily used and stored. Donors are easily available too. The patient’s condition can be improved drastically with this kind of a transplant. A person with a rarely-found tissue type cannot find a donor easily. You may then consider a cord blood unit.

Research is being done in order to understand the differences and similarities between transplants and other forms of transplants.

One of the most exciting innovations in the medical community in recent years has been the advent of cord blood banks, and with them, the ability to cryogenically preserve an amount of your child’s stem cell producing umbilical cord blood, to be used for transplant in case of an emergency one day. This can replace bone marrow in many instances, and is often preferable, due to the fact that it precludes having to locate a donor – many times not an easy task.

So, what role do the cord blood banks play?

An important one, actually. First of all, there is a difference between public and private cord blood banks. Public banks accept donations of umbilical blood and do not charge a storage fee – however, the blood is not stored for the purpose of keeping for the one particular donor infant who it originally belonged to. Public cord blood banks distribute the cord blood they have stored to anyone with a medical emergency that might need a cord blood transplant.

Private banks, on the other hand, save your baby’s cord blood just for your baby and for no one else. Because the cord blood is being cryogenically preserved for one particular recipient, however, there is a substantial fee involved for collection and storage.

The advantage, of course, is that if your child is ever in need of a transplant, his or her own cord blood is safely waiting for them at the private cord blood bank.

There is, of course, some controversy – there are those who think it’s morally wrong to for a private institution to charge a fee to horde what should be publicly donated for the good of the community, and then there are those who feel that it is a parents right to use biological material belonging to their child in whatever way serves their own child’s best interest.